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Talking about yourself is always difficult. Very sure people talk about themselves from a third person perspective. I'm still figuring it out, so I'll keep it simple. 

My name is Cait Denise, born and bred in Washington, DC. I am a queer, Gen Z (22 to be specific) writer (aspiring), movie critic (personally not professionally), and comedian (sort of) who dabbles in photography on the side (this is confirmed). I have written cultural news stories with a concentration on the Black and brown community of Washington, DC for NPR and The Washington Post. I have also been a Production Assistant for CBS's See It Now Studios working with the incomparable Susan Zirinsky on docu-series for Paramount+ and BET+ streaming and special celebrity interviews for CBS News. 

My goal? To write and produce films showcasing underrepresented stories as they relate to LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC representation.

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