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gen z member with something to say

Talking about yourself is always difficult.

Very sure people love talking about themselves. Well, I’m never sure. In fact, I’m crippling unsure in a general sense.

I’m Cait: a writer, photographer, cultural critic, and community advocate who wants to focus on the intersectionality of media, identity, and social justice…with hopes to one day write, professionally, about what I find interesting.

I want Evan Ross Katz’s job with an intersectional impact similar to Hannah Phifer's work.

My interests cover a lot of ground: films, television, design, art, fashion, social media, culture. But at my core, I’m just a person dreaming of an alternate reality in which an ice vanilla latte with oat milk doesn’t put me in crippling debt.

If we share the same dream, and if you long to fix our current reality, you’re in the right place.

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